top 10 branding tips

1. Branded Memes

  • Memes have become their own form of digital communication — a way to respond to relevant and current events, often with a sense of tongue-in-cheek humor. What used to be an internet subculture has now permeated mainstream communication.

2. Holding Brands to a Higher Standard

  • The past year has brought social issues to the forefront, with people voicing their opinions and taking strong stands more openly especially on various social media platforms. Consumers are now actively looking at the ‘social consciousness’ of brands and the values that they stand behind.

3. Logo Adaptability

  • Many brands have realized the importance of having a logo that can be easily scaled up or down and used in a variety of ways. Gone are the days when logo’s used to have fancy imagery and detailed graphics. With digital media being the prominent marketing medium, brands want to ensure that the logo looks neat and clean even when scaled down to use in a social media post.

4. Quirky Branding

  • Quirky branding is all about ripping up the rulebook and using unexpected design elements to create a sense of fun and individuality.Often featuring DIY elements, collage, odd imagery or artwork, fun typography, illustration, colliding elements, bright or clashing colors and distorted shapes, quirky branding techniques help brands make a statement. As well as being fun and eye-catching, these “quirks” can demonstrate a more accessible, personal side of a brand.

5. Hybrid Events

  • The pandemic forced brands to pivot to hosting virtual events. For consumers, it opened up a whole new world of accessibility, one which they won’t soon be ready to let go of … if ever. Virtual events alleviate concerns over travel time, child care, transit and more. They also open up global connections between brands and their worldwide customer base.

6. Sustainability

  • With our world facing an existential threat from climate change and species loss, sustainability has moved firmly into the mainstream. From global treaties to grassroots campaigns, eco-friendly messages are increasingly common.

7. Humanizing Brands

  • Most prevalent on Twitter, consumers love it when brands directly communicate with them. Giving a brand a more “humanistic” approach can mean conversing with their consumers and directly engaging with them. This makes them feel like the brand is someone they can trust. If consumers trusts a brand, they’ll no doubt want to purchase from them.

8. Focus on Content

  • During the pandemic, the biggest challenge for brands has been to cope with fast-changing consumer behavior, requiring them to adapt their communication strategies just as quickly.

9. Getting Nostalgic

  • While one prevailing trend of branding in 2021 will be about being modem and sleek, one more trend that we will see is about brands going nostalgic. This will be especially in the case of brands having decades of market presence. This is a subtle way of reminding the users that they have been there for ages.

10. Online Communities and Platforms

  • In the heat of the pandemic, we heard constantly about the vital importance of human connection, social interaction and community. Quickly, brands heard the call and hopped on the trend to form online communities for their audiences to stay connected with both the brand and each other.