top 10 social media tips

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.”
Figure out your business’s purpose, then go on to plan how you will fulfill that purpose.

Select a clear username
Clearly state who you or your brand is and keep it simple and professional

Be clear and concise in your bio
Explain your why, what, how
WHY: your purpose, cause, or belief
HOW: how you are using your products or services to achieve your goal
WHAT: the products or services you offer

Choose the right colors for your brand
92% of consumers say that visual appearance is the most influential marketing factor.

Use hashtags to generate buzz
Increase exposure by sharing your content with your intended audience.
Instagram allows up to 30 unique hashtags per post – take advantage of it!

Don’t post random or low-quality content
Be intentional with your posts and make sure your post align with your goals and actions

Check your insights
Figure out the best day and time to post

Be aware of the policies of any social platform you use
Don’t get banned for ignorance.

Be responsive
The faster you respond, the better the experience for your followers.

Ask your followers questions
Creating a post prompt with a question is a great way to engage people you think you know and find out a lot more about them.