Top 10 Trade Show Tips

Trade Shows are a great way to build your brand, grow revenue, capture new clients, connect with your customers and stay on top of industry trends. But how do you make sure you are meeting your goals and getting the best ROI? These Top 10 Trade Show Tips can help you accomplish just that!

1. Make a plan! Set a realistic budget. Leverage your resources wisely.

2. Choose quality over quantity! Keep this in mind when deciding on how many shows, choosing promotional products and marketing collateral.

3. Schedule an after hours event! Invite partners, clients and new prospects. Network to learn and build relationships.

4. Train your team! Make sure they know their product, are well rested and ready for hiccups!

5. Be real! Get creative. Show your value, strengths and capabilities.

6. Focus on your target audience! It’s not about meeting every single person. Know the decision makers and key players.

7. Seek out new contacts and prospects! Where can you grow your business?

8. Know your marketing KPIs.

9. Put it all out there! Share on social media.

10. Follow through with your follow up strategy! Set aside a day to reconnect.