top 10 corporate gifting tips

Providing your customers, sales prospects, and employees with quality gifts that make an IMPACT has never been more important. Corporate gifting helps with customer retention, which drives profitability, and plays a key role in sales prospecting as well. Who doesn’t want to improve relationships, convert prospects into customers, and motivate employees?

To achieve a better ROI from your gifting program, try utilizing these tips:

  1. Consider your client’s interests. It’s always nice to send something they want rather than something random.
  2. Be appropriate. This is a corporate relationship gesture, so make sure the gift reflects that.
  3. Think twice about humorous gifts. Again, you are gifting as a business, not as an individual. You want to make sure the gift honors the relationship and maturely represents your brand.
  4. Consider a charitable donation. Depending on the recipient, a charitable donation can mean more than a physical gift.
  5. Presentation is important. Be sure to send gifts from vendors you trust to represent your business well.
  6. Make it personal. Add a thank you or a personal note to let your client’s know how much you appreciate them and all their hard work.
  7. Think outside the box. Put a little extra thought into what to you want to send your clients. A unique, well rounded gift will stand out and show you put a lot of thought what you sent them.
  8. Consider the cost. Inexpensive items can make the gift look cheap and lavish items can sometimes be too much. Do your research and find those items with the perfect balance for your clients.
  9. Be all inclusive. Make sure that you are gifting items that will work for anyone and everyone.
  10. Plan ahead. Everything takes time! Make sure to be ahead of the game by creating a well, thought out plan with deadlines to keep you organized and prepared for when things get busy.